A 50th Anniversary of Love – Portrait Photography

I had the honor of capturing the love between two people who have spent five decades together. I’ve known then for a handful of years and since then seen the strong bond they have between each other. They have an a warmth surrounding them making you feel right at home instantly. Upon first meeting Mrs. Brooks, she right away wanted to know more about me and oozed me with confidence when I told her I owned my house working as an independent women. Never did I see a look of pity like others do when I state I am unmarried childless. She exclaimed how strong and proud she was of me as if she was my grandmother giving me a loving talk. Her husband, Mr. Brooks is a ball of bright positive energy who makes you feel right at home. I know without a shadow of a doubt they are meant to be together, after all 5 decades is proof enough.

With this Hand

Three Generations

The Great-grandmother, Grandmother, and Mother

Always by your Side

Never Letting Go

Eachothers Light

Happily Ever After


With TLC,


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