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Photo by Rafael Marquez http://rafaelmarquez.me/

My name is Elisa, from a mix of different heritages, growing up in a small Texan town I get inspiration from my everyday surroundings and transform it into something new that we hadn’t seen at first glance. I love being outside, am a dog lover, an optimist, a believer in true love and above all else an artist.

Since I could remember I was drawing and writing contently in my own quite corner. In 2nd grade, I had nearly helped everyone with their rabbit drawings for an Easter project. From there I knew deep down I wanted to help others through my art. I feel art is in us all but some of us just need to shake our feathers to take flight into our creativity.

I graduated at Texas Tech, (Go Red Raiders!) where I received a bachelors degree in Digital Media with an emphasis in Photography. I then entered into the “real world” 9 to 6  job where my art went dormant. My day time job is advertising cubicle life but by night it is ART life.

I want to show my photographs/drawings that I feel are of inspiration and to write about why I created them. In hopes this will not only spread my wings but spread yours as well to live your passion. We are all artists in charge of creating our life the way we want it to be.




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